Ingram Book Shipping Container Homes: A Complete Guide to Planning, Designing, and Building A Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Homes

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For many, owning a home is the ultimate goal in their life. To have a place that reflects who one is, their values, and that they can call their own is a natural dream to have. However, in today's economy, owning a house can be more difficult and unattainable than ever before, which has led many people to look at alternative means of home ownership, such as the shipping container home.

Growing in popularity in recent years, shipping container homes are attractive for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that they are environmentally friendly and a great alternative to building a brand-new home. It is entirely possible to build a shipping container home out of recycled containers, reducing the amount of waste in the waste stream, and providing quality building materials for a fraction of the price.

Dimensions: 0.14" H x 9.0" L x 6.0" W
Weight: .23 lbs
Written by Alec Edwards