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Vanlife Diaries

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Inspired by the blog and Instagram account, Vanlife Diaries is an inspiring and detailed look into the world of the rolling homes built and occupied by a new generation of modern nomads: a range of professionals and creatives who have ditched conventional houses for the freedom of the road and the beauty of the outdoors. More than 200 photographs feature the vanlifers, their pets, and their converted vans and buses--VWs, Sprinters, Toyotas, and more--with the interiors uniquely customized and decorated for their work and hobbies, as well as the stunning natural locations that are the movement's inspiration. Interviews and narrative captions share the stories of these nomads and how they decided to pursue vanlife, and provide practical tips and inspiration for downsizing, finding and converting your vehicle, and working and living on the road.

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240 pages
Written by Kathleen Morton, Jonny Dustow, Jared Melrose
Publisher: Ten Speed Press