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Living Without Plastic

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Embrace a plastic-free lifestyle with more than 100 simple, stylish swaps for everything from pens and toothbrushes to disposable bottles and the 5 trillion plastic bags we use--and throw out--every year.
  • Use a natural loofah, not a synthetic sponge
  • Buy milk in glass bottles or make homemade nut milk
  • Opt for a waste-free shampoo bar
  • Skip the printed receipt and opt for an email instead
  • Wrap gifts beautifully with cloth
Organized into five sections--At Home, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, On the Go, and Special Occasions-- Living Without Plastic is a cover-to-cover collection of doable, difference making solutions, including a 30-Day Plastic Detox Program.

Dimensions: 0.9" H x 8.1" L x 6.2" W
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256 pages
Author: Brigette Allen, Christine Wong
Publisher: Artisan Publishers