5 Essential Storage Baskets for Every Space

5 Essential Storage Baskets for Every Space

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets can be used for a wide range of purposes in the home including storage, organization, gardening and décor.

A well-made artisanal basket can last decades and double as a work of art in your home. At Moveable Home we work to source baskets that are the highest quality and partner with manufacturers that support Fair Trade and sustainable business practices. We want our customers to purchase pieces from us once to enjoy for a lifetime.

Here are our some of our favorite baskets that are essential for every home:

1) Wall Hanging Storage Basket

Able to be hung on a wall or used on a shelf or the floor a wall hanging storage basket is a useful and versatile piece. 

Our Pick:

Why We Love it: Versatile and Durable, Modern and Rustic Styling

Best Used for: Toys, Small Storage, Towels, Linens, Food, Plants, Cleaning Supplies

Fun Fact: This basket was inspired by traditional Swedish Fishing baskets in the late 1800’s and designed to be durable and rugged

2) Storage Basket with Lid

Storage Baskets with lids are perfect for keeping small items organized in communal areas without adding visual clutter

Our Pick:

Why We Love it: Easy and comes in multiple sizes

Best Used for: Crafts, Small Storage, Toys, Towels

Fun Fact: These artisanal baskets are a Fair Trade product and handmade. 

3) Oversized Floor Storage Basket

Floor baskets are ideal for storing larger items and an easy way to keep a family organized by keeping in common areas. 

Our Pick:


Why We Love it: Large size and can be used in many ways

Best Used for: Shoes, linens, towels, toy storage, closet and floor storage

Pro Tip: Leave these baskets in common areas to quickly clean-up and stay clutter free. Once the basket is full you can put the contents back where they belong.

4) Woven Decorative Storage Baskets

Decorative storage baskets double as storage and decor in the home adding function to your overall design.

Our Pick:


Why We Love it: The fun conical shape and small handle

Best Used for: Wood, papers, magazines, linen and towels

5) Stainless Steel Hamper Basket

Wonderful for laundry as well as large objects and toys. 

Our Pick:

A well made hamper basket is ideal to store many large items in the home. This Stainless steel Classic 80 from Korbo is able to be kept outdoors or indoors. It is crafted from acid-proof stainless steel and will not lose it’s shine over time even if left in the elements. It comes with an optional Hamper lining to make it a traditional laundy basket. However, it’s also a great solution for many storage needs.

Why We Love it: It's able to be used indoors our outdoors and designed to last a lifetime

Best Used for: Clothing, Large Toy Storage, Outdoor Use, Wood


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